Save On Your Energy Bill With Solar

Uprise Solar customers can potentially save hundreds of dollars per year on their electric bills. Find out how much you could save; get started below.

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Solar Plans at Uprise Solar

Learn about the range of solar payment options available:

$0 Down Loan

Various loan options with fixed and variable rates, extending up to 25 years.


No pre-payment penalties, providing financial flexibility and ownership benefits.

Uprise collaborates with direct-to-consumer financial providers for an exceptional solar experience.

Cash Purchase

Ideal for those who can afford an upfront investment and want to maximize financial benefits.


Paying in cash grants access to the 30% federal solar tax credit and SRECs.

Our Solar Energy Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to lower your power bills or a business aiming for eco-friendly operations, Uprise Solar’s expert team is dedicated to lighting up your world with the power of the sun.

Residential Solar Installation

Our innovative financial options, local focus, commitment to personalized customer service, and deep industry knowledge set us apart.

Commercial Solar Installation

Uprise Solar is the go-to choice for businesses aiming to reach sustainability targets while curbing operating expenses.

Home Battery Storage

Elevate your home’s resilience, bolster self-sufficiency, and diminish reliance on the conventional power grid through the transformative benefits of energy storage.

EV Charging Solutions

Experience the convenience of climbing into a fully charged EV

Solar Panel Monitoring

Gain insights into your home’s energy dynamics, allowing you to make informed decisions about your electricity use.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Our experienced technicians can expertly troubleshoot your solar issue, even if we didn’t install your system.

Solar Energy Can Revolutionize Your Life

Uprise Solar Company was created by solar industry veterans, many of whom crossed paths working for other solar companies around the DMV. Our leadership team has a combined 80+ years in solar. After decades learning the ins and outs of the industry, we recognized a unique opportunity to bring clean energy to our local community with flexible funding options to fit any customer’s budget. No gimmicks. No solar bros. Just top quality work done by nice people.

Power Your Home With Solar

solar panel installation in Washington, D.C.

Join The Solar Movement

Going solar in Washington, DC means joining a sustainable movement. The city is committed to achieving renewable energy goals, and your decision to go solar contributes to this collective effort.

Slash Your Electric Bill

With over 200 days of sunshine a year and excellent local incentives, the Washington, DC region is a prime location to go solar. Uprise’s no-cost solar program will help you go solar with no money down, and you’ll save 50 to 80% on your utility bills.

Unlock New Energy Savings

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See How Much You Could Save

Take the first step towards a sustainable and economical energy solution by entering the approximate amount of your monthly power bill.

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